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Pet Therapy


Procedure Description: Patient having pet therapy while having dental treatment.

Bonding - One Visit


Procedure Description: Correction of a black triangle.

Dental Bonding


Procedure Description: Patient J was unhappy with the gaps between her teeth. Bonding closed the 3 spaces she was unhappy with, giving her the perfect smile she wanted.

Treatment Time: 1 hour

Bonding To Repair The Broken Tooth


Procedure Description: Patient N broke her tooth the weekend before she was to go on interviews for graduate school.

Treatment Time: One visit (One hour)



Gender: Female

Procedure Description: Everyone can be helped! Patient A hadn't seen a dentist for many years. She couldn't eat comfortably and was embarrassed by her mouth. Needless to say, she was ecstatic after her treatment was done!

Dental Bonding


Gender: Female

Procedure Description: L. came into my office requesting crowns for her front teeth. She was told (by another dentist) that she would also need root canal treatment. Upon speaking with her, I discovered that she was unhappy with the space between her 2 front teeth. suggested that we try bonding first. She agreed. Here are the results. No anesthesia was needed and this procedure is completely reversible if she ever wants her space back. No root canal treatment was needed!

Dental Bonding


Gender: Male | Age: 18

Treatment Length: 1 Dental Office Visit

Procedure Description: E. is a high school senior who broke his tooth while playing football. With an important party to attend the same night, I was able to restore his broken tooth with bonding. I wasn’t sure how well it would hold up (considering his usual high school sports activities). So far, 8 years and still going strong!

Porcelain Laminates & Bridges


Gender: Female

Procedure Description: D. was unhappy with her smile. She wanted a bigger, bolder, brighter smile. She was missing some back teeth and wanted to fill in her spaces to allow her to eat better. Her treatment was more complex, as it required that I totally alter the way her front and back teeth met. D. had a total of 12 porcelain laminates (6 on top and 6 on the bottom) and 4 cemented porcelain bridges that filled the spaces caused by her missing teeth. Her smile is beautiful and she loves the improvement in her ability to eat.

Porcelain Laminates


Gender: Female

Treatment Length: 3 weeks

Procedure Description: J. wanted a quick fix for her crooked teeth. She also wanted a brighter smile. I first suggested orthodontics and bleaching, but she wanted something that could be done FAST. I then suggested Porcelain Laminates. She received eight upper and eight lower laminates. Her treatment was completed in 3 weeks.

Dental Bonding


Gender: Female | Age: 19 years

Treatment Length: 1 hour

Procedure: S had completed orthodontics and was still unhappy with her smile because of her small lateral incisors. Another dentist told her that only crowns would give her a result she'd like. She didn't want a procedure as drastic as that. In one hour, I bonded her teeth to alter their appearance. She left our office smiling, and hasn't stopped!

KOR Bleaching Treatment


Gender: Male | Age: adult

Treatment Length: 2 weeks

Procedure Description: This patient was unhappy with his smile for years. He previously had his teeth lightened and was unhappy with the results. Our new KOR bleaching system gave him a dramatically brighter smile. He now believes that bleaching works!

Bonding and White Filling


Removal of amalgam/silver fillings and replacement with natural tooth colored fillings. Treatment completed in one visit.

One Tooth, Internal, Non-Vital Bleaching Case


Patient was unhappy with appearance of dark front tooth.
This tooth was bleached over a period of one week to make it match the rest of her smile.

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